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Isi & Ossi (2020) Full Movie

Isi & Ossi
6.9/10 by 22.479 users

Isi and Ossi couldn't be any more different: She's a billionaire's daughter from Heidelberg, he's a struggling boxer from the nearby town of Mannheim. But when Isi meets Ossi, the two quickly realize that they can take advantage of one another: She dates the broke boxer to provoke her parents and get them to fund a long-desired chef training in New York. He tries to rip off the rich daughter to finance his first professional boxing match. Their plans soon develop into emotional chaos that challenges everything the two believe to know about money, career and love.

TitleIsi & Ossi
Duration113 minutes
Release DateFeb 14, 2020
Production Company
Production CountriesGermany
Plot Keywords,
Lisa Hagmeister
Betty Markowski
Ernst Stötzner
Christina Hecke
Claudia Voigt
Hans-Jochen Wagner
Manfred Voigt
Walid Al-Atiyat
Zoë Straub
Camilla Victoria Maria Patricia Mercedes Sissi Marion Philipp Béatrice Abelina Andresen
Bettina Hoppe
Kerstin Wiese, Burger Shop Boss
Saladin Dellers
Marf, Burger Shop Employee
Susanna Capurso
Gabriella Rizzi
André Eisermann
Spasti, Ossi's Coach
Albert Kitzl
Klaus, Security Guard
Livia Renner
Camilla (4)
Gabriel Grabas
Ossi (7)
Nova Amondson
Isi (10)
Jonas Spaeth
Tschünni (10, 12)
Mila Zellmer
Isi (12)
Stefan Arndt
Tim Pannen
Production Design
Peter Schiller
Production Manager
Uwe Schott
Oliver Kienle
Oliver Kienle
Michael Kadelbach
Original Music Composer
Yoshi Heimrath
Director of Photography
Ulli Neumann
Line Producer
Ramona Klinikowski
Costume Design
Marcela Barreto
Makeup Artist
Knut Hake
Lisa Stutzky
Jorgo Narjes
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