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Sucker Free City (2004) Full Movie

Sucker Free City
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The film follows three young men as they are drawn into lives of crime. Nick (Crowley) uses his entry-level corporate job to commit credit card fraud and deals drugs on the side. K-Luv (Mackie) is a member of the "V-Dubs", an African-American street gang. Lincoln (Leung) is a rising figure in the Chinese mafia. Gentrification forces Nick's family to move out of their home in the Mission District into Hunter's Point where they are harassed by the V-Dubs. K-Luv's side business of selling bootleg compact discs leads him to enlist Nick's help to bootleg CDs and to negotiate a truce with Lincoln. Lincoln conducts an affair with his boss' daughter Angela (Carpio), a Stanford student engaged to a medical student classmate.

TitleSucker Free City
Duration113 minutes
Release DateSep 13, 2004
Production Company
Production CountriesUnited States of America
Language广州话 / 廣州話, English
Plot Keywords
Ben Crowley
Nick Wade
Ken Leung
Lincoln Ma
Darris Love
Laura Allen
Samantha Wade
T.V. Carpio
Angela Tsing
Kathy Baker
Cleo Wade
James Hong
Ewan Chung
Edwin Leong
Marguerite Moreau
Jessica Epstein
Judy Pace
Mama June
Eyal Podell
Stephan Cashen
Stanford Chase
Peter Wu (as Stanford Poon)
Spike Lee
Alex Tse
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